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Ductless Mini Split Systems Gibbstown

Are you thinking about making the switch to a new and more efficient air conditioning system in Gibbstown? Ductless mini split systems are a cost-effective, straight-forward way to reduce your energy consumption while keepyng your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Contact us today to discuss all of your ductless mini split system needs. We’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible with the reliable, trustworthy service you deserve. 


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Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Systems in Gibbstown

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a more efficient way to cool your home, or are building a new space or just need new cooling solutions, a ductless or mini split system could be the perfect choice for you. These systems are often more cost-effective and maximize the cooling of your home. Here are just some of the ways mini split ductless AC in Gibbstown benefits your home: 

  • Save energy. Gibbstown ductless mini split systems are more energy efficient to the traditional alternative and rely on less power to run.
  • Save money. When you’re reducing your energy consumption, you’re also saving money on your power bills month after month. 
  • Avoid costly air conditioning repair. Ductless mini splits still need repairs from time to time. But with less equipment and ducts stretching throughout your home, there’s less to repair! 
  • Improve indoor air quality. These systems can also improve your indoor air quality and keep your air circulating throughout your home and into the outdoors.
  • Avoid air leaks. Traditional HVACs and air conditioners rely on ducts to move cool air throughout your home. When these ducts develop microscopic tears, holes, or gaps, you lose energy efficiency quickly and drive up your energy bills.

How Gibbstown Mini Split Systems and Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

Mini split systems (also called ductless air conditioners) are an ideal choice to optimize your energy usage, especially if your home has never had an AC or you need a new unit. Instead of relying on a large, central unit connected to expansive duct work, mini split systems are installed into the walls of each room and pull warm air in and turning it into cool air for your home. When it pulls in the outdoor air, an indoor unit uses its evaporator cools and coolant to cool down the air.

A mini split or ductless air conditioner in Gibbstown also means each room is cooled efficiently. You no longer have to worry about if your family gets too cold when you blast the air. You can go in your bedroom or den and crank up the AC as high as you want while your family upstairs remains at the optimal temperature for them. Call Jersey Boys today to talk more about mini split or ductless air systems and taking the next steps.

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How Are Ductless Air Conditioners in Gibbstown Installed?

Your ductless or mini split system are usually installed quickly and easily compared to their conventional counterparts. The team at Jersey Boys will look over your home, building, and current air set-up. Ultimately, your outdoor unit needs to be connected to the air handler with the help of a small hole that’s eventually covered. Call the team at Jersey Boys today to look over your specific situation and make the best recommendation for you.

What is Zoned Cooling?

Traditional air conditioners cool your entire home, even if you’re not using the entire space and need the relief of AC. Mini split systems and ductless air conditioners in Gibbstown give you more control over your cooling needs. Your home is cooled by zones, allowing someone upstairs to enjoy an icy cold room while someone across the hall may want a warmer night’s sleep.

How Much Do Ductless and Mini Split Systems Cost?

The costs associated with a new ductless air conditioner depends on a wide variety of factors. The cooling experts at Jersey Boys will need to look at your home or building, assess your current set-up, and determine next steps. However, these systems are usually a fraction of the cost of a traditional air conditioner.

How Long Do Ductless Air Conditioners Last?

How long your Gibbstown mini split and ductless system lasts depends on the size of your home, the size of your zones for cooling, and how heavily you use your system. However, it’s not unusual for a system to last for 20 years with consistence maintenance to keep it clean and in good working order.

How Often Do You Change the AC Filter?

You should change out your AC filter every one to three months, but depends on your situation. If your unit is brand new, once every three months is probably fine. However, older units being used a lot may require a new filter monthly.

How Do I Change an AC filter?

Changing your AC filter can vary depending on your unit. You may be able to just slide it over the existing one. When the new one is mostly in place, you can remove the old one and throw it away. Other units may need to remove a panel to change it. If you’re not sure, call us today! We’ll show you how to do it and get you on a regular AC maintenance plan in Gibbstown.

Call for Ductless & Mini Split Service in Gibbstown Today

Ready to make the switch to mini split or ductless air conditioners in Gibbstown? Whether you already have your units set up and need a repair or need ongoing service or a new installation, we can help. Our team is certified and experienced to work on all types of air conditioning systems and can empower you to choose the best products and services for you. Call us today to get started on your journey to a more efficient way to cool and maintain your home.

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Take control of your home or business and restore its comfort and efficiency with a mini split or ductless air conditioner in New Jersey. These energy efficient systems save you time and money while giving you the cool (or warm) air you need for year-round comfort. Call Jersey Boys Plumbing, Heating, and Air today for all of your heating, plumbing, and cooling service in Gibbstown and the surrounding area.

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