Protect Your Pipes: 11 Items to Keep Out of Your Drain

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Our drains and pipes silently serve our homes, efficiently carrying away waste water and unwanted remnants. However, the tranquility of this system can be disrupted when certain items, seemingly harmless, are introduced into the plumbing network. Let’s explore 11 items that you should never put down your drain and understand the reasons behind these plumbing precautions.

If you’ve already clogged your drain by flushing one or more of these items, call Jersey Boys Plumbing, Heating, and Air today for drain cleaning in Cherry Hill!

1. Grease, Fats, and Oils

Why Not: These substances solidify upon cooling, creating stubborn blockages in pipes and potentially leading to serious plumbing issues.
Note: Consider collecting grease in a container and disposing of it in the trash once solidified.

2. Coffee Grounds

Why Not: Coffee grounds tend to form clumps when wet, leading to pipe clogs and obstructing the smooth flow of water.
Pro Tip: Utilize used coffee grounds in your garden as a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

3. Flushable Wipes

Why Not: Despite their “flushable” label, these wipes do not disintegrate like toilet paper and can cause significant blockages in pipes and sewer systems.
Note: Opt for biodegradable wipes or simply dispose of them in the trash.

4. Eggshells

Why Not: Eggshells create granular waste that can stick to other waste, forming clogs.
Alternative: Consider adding eggshells to your compost bin as they are rich in calcium.

5. Medications

Why Not: Flushing medications introduces chemicals into water systems, negatively impacting aquatic ecosystems and potentially contaminating drinking water.
Safe Disposal: Utilize local pharmacy take-back programs or specific disposal methods recommended by environmental agencies.

6. Produce Stickers

Why Not: These stickers can adhere to pipes and disrupt wastewater treatment processes.
Note: Ensure all stickers are removed from produce and disposed of in the trash.

7. Paint

Why Not: Paint can introduce harmful chemicals into water supplies and stain plumbing fixtures.
Alternative: Use a hazardous waste facility for paint disposal or donate unused paint.

8. Rice and Pasta

Why Not: These food items expand when exposed to water, potentially causing blockages in pipes.
Tip: Dispose of leftover rice and pasta in compost or trash.

9. Hazardous Chemicals

Why Not: Chemicals from cleaning products and pesticides can damage water ecosystems and pose risks to water supplies.
Eco-friendly Option: Consider using green cleaning alternatives that are safe for the environment.

10. Condoms and Feminine Hygiene Products

Why Not: These non-biodegradable items can cause blockages and issues in wastewater treatment plants.
Disposal Tip: Always dispose of these items in the trash.

11. Paper Products (excluding toilet paper)

Why Not: Items like paper towels do not dissolve easily and can cause clogs in pipes.
Note: Ensure to use only toilet paper for flushing, as it is designed to break down in water.

In Conclusion

Maintaining the integrity of our plumbing systems is not only crucial for the functionality of our homes but also imperative for safeguarding our environment. By being mindful of the items we dispose of down our drains, we contribute to the longevity of our plumbing systems and the health of our planet. Always opt for alternative disposal methods, such as composting, recycling, or utilizing disposal programs, to ensure that our actions today do not lead to plumbing problems tomorrow.

Contact us if you need help with your plumbing in Cherry Hill, and one of our service technicians will get yo you ASAP.

Additional Tips

  • Be Mindful of Labels: Items labeled “flushable” or “safe for septic systems” may not always be safe for plumbing or the environment.
  • Seek Alternatives: Explore eco-friendly alternatives for cleaning and personal care products to ensure safety for your pipes and the environment.
  • Educate and Inform: Share this knowledge with friends and family to promote responsible disposal practices across the community.
  • Call Jersey Boys if you notice your drains clogged and need them working again!

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