What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

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The No-Go List: Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Running Smoothly

In many households, the garbage disposal plays the unsung hero, efficiently managing food waste and keeping our kitchen chores less daunting. However, not all food scraps are meant for the grinding chamber of your disposal. Knowing what not to put down your garbage disposal is crucial for its longevity and optimal performance. In this guide, we’ll unveil some common items that are a no-go for your disposal and provide insights on maintaining a clog-free, smooth-operating unit. If you are still unsure about what can and cannot go down your garbage disposal, give us a call at Jersey Boys today!

The Starchy Trio: Rice, Potato Peels, and Pasta

Among the top contenders that pose a threat to your garbage disposal are rice, potato peels, and pasta. These starchy substances, when ground up, have a tendency to form a paste-like consistency. This starchy paste can harden, causing a sluggish operation and even clogs in your disposal unit. It’s advisable to dispose of these items in your trash bin instead.

Other Unfriendly Items

In addition to the starchy trio, here are other items you should steer clear from tossing down your disposal:

  • Grease and Oils: These substances can solidify and cause blockages in your pipes.
  • Fibrous Vegetables: Items like celery and corn husks can entangle the blades, causing a jam.
  • Coffee Grounds: They accumulate and form clogs over time.
  • Bones and Seafood Shells: These hard materials can dull the blades and cause the motor to jam.

The Ice Myth

A common old wives’ tale is that throwing ice into your garbage disposal will sharpen the blades. However, this is a misconception. While ice may help in cleaning the garbage disposal, it does not sharpen the blades. It’s essential to debunk such myths to avoid any unnecessary mishaps with your disposal unit.

When In Doubt, Call The Gibbstown Plumbing Experts

In case you find yourself facing issues with your garbage disposal, it’s a wise decision to call in the experts rather than attempting a DIY fix. Jersey Boys Plumbing, Heating, and Air, renowned as the best plumbers in New Jersey, are always ready to assist. Whether it’s a jammed disposal or a need for drain cleaning in Gibbstown NJ, they’ve got you covered. Their proficient team ensures your plumbing systems, including your garbage disposal, are functioning seamlessly.

The Right Way To Dispose

Being cautious about what goes down your disposal is the first step in avoiding unwarranted problems. If you are in doubt, it’s better to throw it in the trash. For professional assistance, especially for drain cleaning in Gibbstown NJ, don’t hesitate to contact Jersey Boys Plumbing, Heating, and Air. Their unparalleled expertise will ensure your garbage disposal and drainage systems are in top-notch condition, making your drain cleaning Gibbstown NJ, worries a thing of the past.

In conclusion, treating your garbage disposal right by avoiding the disposal of inappropriate items will contribute to a hassle-free kitchen experience. Remember, when in doubt, it’s always better to contact the professionals at Jersey Boys Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

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